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Grade 8 BYOD Option

For the 2017-2018  school year, Bedford and Coleytown Middle Schools will allow eighth grade students the choice of bringing in their own device (BYOD) on a permanent daily basis instead of using the school-assigned Chromebook. To participate, students must turn in their school-assigned Chromebook to their team leader along with the signed WPS Grade 8 BYOD Agreement form. Please note the following:

  • Students may not bring in their own device and keep a school-owned Chromebook

  • The decision to choose BYOD is a permanent decision for the year

  • Students may return their school-owned Chromebook starting on September 29 and anytime thereafter during the school year

  • A link to the full grade 8 guidelines can be found on the Student & Parent Guidelines page

Students can choose from a multitude of devices, provided the devices meet the minimum specifications. These specifications are the same as those at the high school, and can be found at http://byod.westportps.org.   If students take good care of their devices, the devices should last through high school. Please note that cellphones do not meet the specifications.