Connecting at Home

Chromebooks used outside of the school district will be subject to the same web filtering policies used in school.

Web filtering outside the school district is accomplished using an authenticated proxy. As a reminder, due to the variety of configurations available, we are unable to offer specific instructions for home wireless connections. If students experience problems, we suggest trying nearby public WiFi access such as that provided by the Westport Library. 

The scenarios below outline how to get connected.

Chromebook is turned off:
After connecting to your home network and logging in, a startup tab in Chrome will load and redirect you to a logon page. 
At this screen enter your network username and password.

Once authenticated, you will be redirected back to the web page.

Chromebook still logged on, with screen locked
Enter your password to unlock the device. Once connected to your home network open a connection to any non-https page, such as the Research IT CT bookmark listed under bookmarks.

You will then be redirected to a logon page to enter your network credentials.

If you don't attempt to load a page right away, Chrome may auto-detect your connection and prompt a message indicating an additional logon is necessary to connect to the internet. 

Simply click this link to open the log in page, then authenticate with your network credentials.

Authenticated sessions will last 24 hours. If you experience any issues connecting, the best solution is to restart your Chromebook.