Our vision is that middle school students in Westport acquire the skills necessary to select and manage digital tools that will empower them in all phases of the learning process, including research, problem solving, content creation, communication, and collaboration.

Starting the first quarter of the 2016-2017 school year, the Westport Public Schools will implement a 1:1 Chromebook Pilot for students in grade six at both Bedford Middle School and Coleytown Middle School.  The pilot has been made possible through a state grant. Anticipating the success of the pilot, the program will be expanded to grades 7 and 8 later in the year.

Below is general information about the pilot. For more detailed information please see the links in the side navigation bar to the student and parent guidelines, and the FAQs.

Focus Questions
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages to providing devices to students vs. asking them to bring in their own device (BYOD)?
  • How does this model change the teaching and learning environment?
  • Will students be able to complete all of their assignments either in school or at home, on the provided device? 
  • Will students use the provided devices at home or will they use their own devices?
  • In the end, will students still want to bring in their own devices? What are parents' needs?  
  • Could we offer choice and still have a predictable budget item, or do we have to have a strictly provided or BYOD environment?
  • A Chromebook will be checked out to each student
  • A security deposit will not be due. (Other districts require this.)
  • Students will take the Chormebook to and from home every day
  • Students can access the Internet via the Chromebook at home
  • The Internet at home, when accessed on the Chromebooks, will be filtered by the school's firewall and use the school's settings
  • If the device malfunctions, a loaner Chromebook can be checked out from the library media center
  • The district tech department will repair the Chromebook and return the original Chromebook to the student once repaired
Quick Facts
  • Grade 6 will start the first week of school

  • Guidelines have been developed for parents and students

  • Teachers will have guidance, support, and training

  • During the pilot grade 6 students cannot use or bring in their own computers.  They will be expected to use their assigned Chromebook.

  • Grade 6 students will be expected to bring their Chromebooks to special area classes and use them as deemed appropriate by their teacher

  • Before going to PE students are to drop their Chromebooks in their regular locker